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Cuarteto Latinoamericano


Robert Aikten

(All scores on this site are copyrighted and have been registered with ASCAP)



Philadelphia Seasons

Four movements (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) for violin and piano. 2011. Written for Melinda Yin and Carl Bradley (with the support from Friends Central School Farraday Stipend ), who premiered it in August 2011, at Friends Central School , Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. 15 minutes.


Ritmos y lugares del Ecuador (Rhythms and Places of Ecuador)

Five movements (Danzante, Pasillo, Yumbo, Yaraví, Sanjuanito). Dance suite for violin (or flute) and guitar. 2005. Commissioned by Jorge Saade for the Paganini duo. Premiered by them at the Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall in New York, on June 27, 2006. 17 minutes.

Listen to an extract, cello and guitar version

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Estreno mundial ("World Premiere")

For flutist (who plays and recites a text) and string quartet, 2004. Commissioned by Robert Aitken and New Music Concerts of Canada. Premiered by Robert Aitken and Cuarteto Latinoamericano, on January 11, 2004 at the George the Martyr Church , Toronto. 7 minutes.


Yaraví y Yumbo

Two movements for flute and string quartet. 2002. Commissioned by New Music Concerts of Canada. Dedicated to Robert Aitken, and premiered by him and the Cuarteto Latinoamericano on January 23, 2003, at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Score published by Filarmonika, Texas. 14 minutes.

Listen to Q-Arte Quartet

Listen to Robert Angevin and Quartet Claudel

By score from publisher

Alturas (Altitude)

For shinobue (small traditional Japanese bamboo flute), pipa (Chinese lute), piano, and percussion. 2001. Commissioned by the Nishikawa Ensemble and premiered by it on February 6, 2001 at the Montreal Arts Interculturels, Montreal, Canada. 9 minutes.

Listen to premiere, with score


Double duo

For two melodic instruments and two percussionists. 1996. Commissioned by the Ensemble Pro Musica Nipponia, Japan. Premiered on July 10, 1996 in Tokyo at the Composers from Abroad IV concert. 15 minutes.



For flute, oboe, clarinet, mandolin, guitar, harp, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. 1996. Commissioned by the Nieuw Ensemble of Amsterdam, who premiered it in Amsterdam in 1996. Re-premiered at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on October 21, 2002, with Micha Hamel, conductor. 10 minutes.


Grave Bossa

For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, horn, trombone, double bass and percussion. 1995. Commissioned by Ensemble Aventure, Freiburg, and premiered by it on May 22, 1995 at the Historisches Kaufhaus . Recorded by Ensemble Aventure, released by Ars Musici label, Germany (AM 1147-2). 13 minutes.


Viento en el viento (Wind in the wind)

For two flute players (who play flute, piccolo, and alto flute), live electronic transformation, and percussion. 1994. Commissioned by the Ensemble InterContemporain and IRCAM. Premiered on December 2, 1994 at the Grand Salle of the Center George Pompidou, Paris, with Sophie Cherrier and Emmanuelle Ophéle, flutes; Dimitri Vassilakis, electronic keyboard; Cort Lippe, technology assistant. Included on the CD "Southern Cones", released by Leonardo Records, Cambridge, MA. 17 minutes.

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Dúos Fáciles 

Three movements, for two flutes or two melodic instruments. Included in the CD "Compositores" released by the Federal University of Brasilia. 1993. Score published by Zimmermann, Frankfurt. 8 minutes.

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Tierra... Tierra... (Earth... Earth…)

For two flute players (who play flute, piccolo, and alto flute). Commissioned by Aurèle Nicolet and Robert Aitken, and premiered by them on December 13, 1992 at Walter Hall in Toronto. Included in the CD Música Contemporánea para dos flautas, by Beti Plana and Valeria Larroque, Mendoza, Argentina. Also on the Flute O'Clock Now CD. Score published by Henry Lemoine, Paris. 10 minutes.

Listen to Interférences (Emilie Brisedou y  Elodie Virot)

Listen to Ondine Duo (Julieta Blanco and Alexis Nicolet)
Listen to Flute O'Clock

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Quinteto Silvestre

For woodwind quintet. Commissioned by the Quintet of the Americas in New York, and premiered by them on May 1, 1992, at the concert Hemisphere at the Americas Society in New York. Recorded by Quinteto de Alientos de la ciudad de México (Global Entertainment GECDI-8003). Score published by Henry Lemoine, Paris. 10 minutes

Listen to the Mexico City Woodwind Quintet

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For flute quartet and percussion. 1991. Commissioned by the Ecuadorian Festival of Contemporary Music. 7 minutes.


Concertino Colorum

For flute and 11 instruments (oboe, clarinet, horn, percussion, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass. 1990. Commissioned by, and premiered by, North/South Consonance, at Christ and St. Stephen's Church in New York. 14 minutes


Spectra Rhetorica

For soprano vocalise and 12 instruments (flute, trumpet, horn, 3 percussionists, piano, 2 violins, viola, and cello. 1990. Commissioned and premiered by the Ensemble Itinéraire at the concert La Jeune ecole Internationale , on April 6 1990, at the Grand Salle of the George Pompidou Center, with Véronique Hazan, soprano; Jurg Wyttenbach, conductor. 10 minutes


La Múchica

Five pieces for flute and piano (I: The nightmare, II: The múchica, III: The forest, IV: The afternoon, V: The mountain). First version premiered by Luciano Carrera in Delft, Holland in May 1985. Final version premiered at the Fanff Festival of the Arts, Canada, on July 20, 1988, with Beatriz Magalhães-Castro, flute, and Robert Aitken, conductor. Score published by Henry Lemoine, Paris. 12 minutes

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For clarinet (or vibraphone) and bongos. 1986. 6 minutes


Crimen y Castigo (Crime and Punishment)

For flute (piccolo and alto flute) and harpsichord. Premiered by Beatriz Magalhães-Castro in Brasilia. 1986. 5 minutes



For flute, percussion, and synthesizer. 1986. Premiered in the summer of that year at the National Theater of Brasilia, by Beatriz Magalhães-Castro (flute), Roberto Castro (percussion), and Diego Luzuriaga (synthesizer). 8 minutes


Ludus Spectralis

For flute, marimba, magnetic tape, and synthesizer. 1986. Premiered at Manhattan School of Music in 1988. 10 minutes


Triciclo (Tricycle)

For violin, cello and piano. 1986. Commissioned by the Trío Ginastera, Paris (Adrián Chamorro, Eduardo Valenzuela, Constanza Dávila) and premiered by them on October 30, 1987 at Salle Jean Vilar de Arcueil, France. Also played by North-South Consonace of New York. 8 minutes


Aeroplano (Airplane)

For 2 flutes, 2 violins, 2 violas, 3 cellos and double bass. 1985. Premiered in the summer courses of the Franz Lizt Academy of Music, Gyor, Hungary, in July and August 1985. 7 minutes



For solo flute. Premiered at IRCAM, París, by Florence Bellon in 1984. Robert Aitken premiered it in Canadá and has played it in many other cities in the US and Europe. 6 minutes.

Watch  Beti Plana's video

Listen to on Youtube


Four pieces for piano solo (I: Toccata 1, II: Aureum, III: Fantasía, IV: Toccata 2). Commissioned by Max Lifchitz and North/South Consonance. Premiered by him in 1988 in New York. 12 minutos


Helsinki Blues

For viola solo. Premiered by Paul Silverthorn at the 8th Helsinki Biennale on March 11, 1955. 6 minutos


For piccolo and bombo. Part of the cantata Resurrección en Quito premiered in the squares of Quito in April 2003. 1 minute

Free score (in Bb)

Free score (in C)

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