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About El niño de los Andes
(The Child of the Andes)
     "The centerpiece of this season’s Welcome Christmas! concerts is the world premiere of El Niño de los Andes (The Child of the Andes), written for VocalEssence by Ecuadorian composer Diego Luzuriaga, a past winner of annual Welcome Christmas! Carol Contest. With music inspired by Andean melodies and instrumental colors, this semi-staged Christmas cantata calls for six soloists, choir, and six instrumentalists, including two performing the native Andean instruments of charango, tiple, quena, quenilla, quenacho, and zampoñas.
     Set in the imaginary Andean town of Quirán in the 19th century, El Niño de los Andes draws on elements of the Christmas story, Cinderella, and the mythology of Pachamama – the Andean Mother Earth. The composition will be performed in Spanish with English narration".
Vocalessence (read article)
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Review of Quito Mítico
(Mythical Quito)
     “A massive display of art… an intense spectacle….The work started with an epic touch… The music, complemented by the choirs, produced a shivering effect in the style of “Carmina Burana”… The audience was shaken by the intensity of the moment… the work of Luzuriaga includes a variety of artists never before seen in the city.”
D.M., Diario la Hora, September 2004
Reviews of Resurrección en Quito
(Resurrection in Quito)
     “[Resurrección en Quito] represents a renaissance, a hope for the people of Quito, who saw in the innumerable explosions of color the path to a future where the treasures of the capital’s indigenous foundation might be recovered.”
Luis Maldonado, Diario Hoy, April 2003
     “[Resurrección en Quito...] a beautiful spectacle that used the dramatic history of our city to weld, in a single great artistic musical reality – chromatic and even pyrotechnic – the spectacular architectural richness of Quito, the play and fire of changing lights in the middle of the deep equatorial night.”
Jorge Salvador Lara, El Comercio, April 2003
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