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"With the flavor of Sucre ... My applause goes to everyone who made this work [Manuela y Bolívar] possible, which, in a single word, I can say is extraordinary."

Cesar Ulloa Tapia. Diario La Hora, Quito, November 19, 2006


"Manuela y Bolívar enchants the public in the first Ecuadorian opera ... The work of the composer Diego Luzuriaga fulfilled all the expectations that had been woven around it. A thoughtful production, with a versatile cast that responded to the demands of the script and of the score – winning over the public, who responded emotionally to the story of the romance between the heroine of Quito Manuela Sáenz and the liberator Simón Bolívar. "

Diana Proaño. Diario Hoy, November 10, 2006


"Great production of an epic opera about liberators ... The production of the work is excellent in every way – the scenography is well designed, the lighting succeeds in creating the atmosphere, the costumes are impeccable, the music in many passages is really beautiful, in others, epic and, in some, it becomes fun. The orchestra performs flawlessly. "

"Musically, Manuela y Bolívar is a well-woven opera that is Latin American and Ecuadorian without resorting to folklore or frivolous sound adornments. Diego Luzuriaga's maturity as a musician is apparent."

Cesar Ricaurte. Diario El Universo. Quito, November 15, 2006

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"Manuela and Bolívar ... Quite the contrary to what I supposed, I was fascinated ... by the air of modernity that the conception of the ... opera(?) exuded ... I was pleasantly surprised by the carefree and even iconoclastic way that the libretto humanizes these characters, as archetypal as they are mythical, almost canonized by the voice of history … "

Jorge Alberto G. Fernández. Quito. XXI century. November 25, 2006


"Manuela and Bolívar: a song to freedom, made in Ecuador ... Being able to watch a 100% Ecuadorian opera is extremely inspiring and exciting. I think the composition is excellent; it has very emotional moments that moved all of us. It represents one of the most important moments for arts and culture in Ecuador ".

C. Mejía. Diario Hoy, Quito, November 12, 2006


"Bolívar and Manuela in an opera ... It is the first time that this major genre of sublime music speaks Spanish with an Ecuadorian accent ... And a knot begins to tighten in our throats, feeling the beauty that tightens our chests, a knot that makes its way into the eyes ... "

Diario El Comercio, Quito - Ecuador, November 23, 2006


"... when we saw them (Manuela and Bolívar) in this opera, so well performed, we were moved again as if it was first time we heard their story ..."

Rodrigo Villacís Molina. Diario Hoy. November 24, 2006


Manuela and Simón ... I must admit that the lyrics of the songs, the staging, the adaptation of the work to the time in which that intense love between the Quito woman and the Liberator develops, merit a standing ovation and generate pride in the knowledge that this piece was composed by an Ecuadorian. "

Pablo Ortiz Garcia, Diario El Comercio, Quito, November 24, 2006


"The epic sensitivity of the opera that, for the first time, speaks of our country ... It is true, the pathos of the music and the spiritual virtue of the voices stir something within the soul, something that screams and shudders. Something that is exalted and ecstatic, that reflects like someone who looks in the mirror and sees a new, renewed other... "

Diario El Comercio, Quito, November 9, 2006


"One night at the opera or being Zelig again ... on the first sustained note from Manuela, the well-known and well-handled lump in my throat visited me ... and although it forced me to swallow hard and take a deep breath, the stupid knot would not go away. then my eyes, pushed to the superlative blink, decided to reveal themselves, and released droplets ... "

Blogger, November 16, 2006


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